Amethyst & Citrine Bracelet

This piece is bold and gorgeous for the bold character in you! This gorgeous piece boasts chunky amethyst and citrine. IK love rough and uneven and unpolished as this gives more character to it.

According to the legend, Amethyst is the girl that was turned into a colorless quartz by Goddess Diana to protect her from being eaten by a tiger delivered by Bacchus, the God of Wine when he got so angry and mad with mortals. Witnessing the transformation and miracle, he repented and poured over wine to Amethyst, staining her purple. Because of this legend, it is believed that wearing amethyst prevents the wearer from becoming drunk or being poisoned. It also believed to aid the soldiers in the battle.

Metaphysical properties: Amethyst has a spiritual quality that can be used by individuals to help tap their higher levels of conciousness, creating an opening for “enlightenment”. It awakens the soul to help individuals realize their purpose in life. Citrine, a golden to pale yellow stone is believed to be the “stone of the mind”. It is believed during the ancient cultures that Citrine stone when placed on the forehead of an elder would increase and broaden his psychic  abilities. Citrine is also known as the lucky “Merchants Stone”. If you have a business or into sales, wear or carry a Citrine stone and you will see an improvement in your overall profit. The translucent to almost transparent yellow color of Citrine promotes clarity of the mind and invites new thoughts and ideas. It also help increase self-worth and self-esteem.

Related Birth Month and Zodiac: Amethyst: February stone; Aquarius and Pisces. Citrine: November; Gemini, Leo (traditional).

Materials: Chunky amethyst, chunky citrine stones in Sterling Silver closure and spacers.

Dimensions: The bracelet measures approx. 7” in length.

CAD $65.00 SOLD

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