For the Love of Amber

For the love of amber

One of the beautiful pieces in the NeonAmber Jewels Collection is this modern bracelet showcasing Sterling Silver brush-finish cube, round beafs, Bali Silver focal bead, ring spacers and rondell Sterling Silver beads. It finishes with the heart charm and accentuated by 5 lovely and gorgeous Baltic Amber nuggets. This is a statment piece that will surely turn heads. Beautiful piece that will last for generations to come.

Metaphysical properties: Amber is known not only for its unique appearance but also for its healing properties. It’s  believed to stimulate “joie de vivre” and a feeling of well-being to the wearer. It enhances the powers of self-healing and promote decisiveness. Its significant benefits include improvement of metabolism and treatment of skin conditions associated with metabolic imbalance. Because of its warmth, it is also used in the treatment of respitarory ailments, including asthma. Wearing an amber necklace can greatly and easily ease allergic respiratory problems including allergy to cat fur. It is also used for helping heart problems by strengthening heart muscles. When worn close to skin, it is also good in treating rheumatism.

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Materials: Baltic Amber stones and Sterling silver chains, beads and closures.

Dimensions: The necklace measures approx. 7 inches long.

CAD $225.00

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