Inspired by You

Love this bracelet inspired by the woman doning the white gown. The symbolic blue crystal and cream pearls signifies the bride and the wedding… something new and something blue.

Lovely bracelet – one of a kind multi-gemstone piece featuring chunky hand-faceted clear quartz, Biwa pearls and champagne colored pearls adorned with Sterling Silver spacers. The Sterling Silver heart toggle clasp complete the look. Simply gorgeous!

Metaphysical properties: Pearls symbolizes purity, clarity, spiritual transformation, charity, honesty, wisdom, and integrity. It stimulates feminity and gives a feeling of calmness and self-acceptance.

Clear Quartz crystal is the perfect stone for mental and emotional healing. Healers considers this stone as the most essential form and color (clear) in healing and drawing out physical and emotional pain from the wearer. It’s color is pure and can increase energy while healing. It is the most important stone for self esteem and in treating abusive childhood traumas, to balance chaotic emotions and amplify positive emotional energies for healing to take effect.

Materials: Quality genuine pearls, clear quartz, Biwa pearls, clear quartz chips, faceted glass crystals, Sterling silver beads with Sterling Silver heart toggle clasp.

Dimensions: 7.5 inches long

CAD $90.00

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